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Property Rules

We do expect that common sense and courtesy is applied when staying at Altamira Holidays.  The list below is therefore not in any way exhaustive.  We have tried to cover the areas that may cause tension with other guests and neighbours.  

  1. We don’t accept any pets.  Assistance dogs are not pets and are therefore welcome. We would ask that you tell us in advance if you are bringing an assistance dog.

  2. We are happy for you to invite others to socialise at your accommodation and in the garden.  

  3. No overnight guests unless on booking.

  4. There is a dedicated garden space for each flat.  It is not acceptable to take over the other garden area and use in a way that makes other people staying at Altamira feel uncomfortable or excluded.  It is not acceptable to store move garden furniture into the house.

  5. Do not use candles or any flames in the house.

  6. Smoking or vaping is not permitted in Altamira or the gardens.  Please be considerate with smoke/vapour blowing into windows of the flats.

  7. We expect you to leave your property in a clean state when you leave.  This includes disposing of all rubbish as directed in the house instructions and removing all food from the house.  The accommodation we offer is self-catering, it is not fully serviced accommodation.  This level of service is reflected in the price charged.  If extra cleaning is need you will be charged up to £100 to cover this.

  8. We expect you to leave the house as it is laid out when you arrive.  If you need reasonable adaptions made for you to enjoy our stay please talk to us about your requirements.  It is also not acceptable to move furniture between the two units of accommodation, please return any equipment to the original flat before you leave.

  9. Please don’t enter land adjacent to Altamira, it is farm land and managed by several different farms.

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