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Frequently Asked Questions


You can travel to the Isles of Scilly by sea and air with the Isles of Scilly Travel or Penzance Helicopters.

Isles of Scilly Travel:

Penzance Helicopters:

Isles of Scilly Travel offer airport transfers from Penzance Train Station, please book at the same time of your flights. 


There are several Park and Ride options available around Penzance with private operators and IOS Travel.

Airport transfers are available at St. Mary's airport and you can book your return. 



You are welcome to leave your luggage or have it delivered to Altamira when you arrive on St. Mary's. 


If travelling by the Scillonian please ensure that your luggage is labeled 'Altamira' St. Mary's' and it will be taken to the accommodation by the Island Carriers.  Return luggage needs to be booked and you can do this online at


Alternatively you can book and pay for your luggage delivery and arrange pick up with Richard Hand Haulage.  Please book at least 24hrs in advance of travel and label luggage with 'Richard Hand, Altamira, St. Mary's'

Richard Hand Haulage website:

Return luggage needs to be outside accommodation by 10am to be picked up.


Flying Island Transfers off an airport shuttle) 01720 42126


Toots Taxi - 01720 422142   

DJ Cabs - 01720 423775

Getting around

There are plenty of lovely walks, boat trips to other islands and wildlife watching opportunities

Scilly Carts hire on-road golf type buggies: you are welcome to charge a buggy at Altamira

St. Mary's Bike Hire have a range of bikes available and also have limited mobility scooters and electric trikes: 

About Scilly

Please visit our Isles of Scilly page for further information

Boats at Porthloo
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